Cities are a major source of air pollution and waste. Smog, trash, and soaring food prices are just some of the problems you can find in a city. And with so many people packed into one place, you’d think there’d be a larger focus on thinking green.

Fortunately, advancements in green technology are providing solutions to some of our most wasteful problems. Here are 3 awesome green technology solutions for city life!

1. Biodegradable Plastics

There is a common misconception that disposable coffee cups from coffee shops are recyclable. This isn’t true, and it actually doesn’t matter which bin you throw those cups into. Disposable coffee cups are a major source of waste.

You’re never going to get everyone to use reusable coffee mugs. And everyone finds themselves craving coffee on the go. Is there a way to combine green technology and the ease of a disposable cup?

The solution is a biodegradable plastic cup made from plants. One such cup being from the company Avani Eco, who make 100% compostable packaging.

Soon you’ll be able to drink from disposable cups and packages that will completely decompose. This will cut down on litter and waste, and it will lessen our impact on the environment.

2. Moss Trees

Air pollution will always be a problem for large, congested cities. A solution is a tree made from moss that can suck up air pollution within a 150-foot radius.

These moss structures are far more efficient than actual trees and take up a lot less space. They actually have the purifying effect of 275 trees. And the structures themselves have sensors to track the health of the tree.

These Citytrees can also be outfitted with billboards and benches to make them fit right into an urban environment. They are also mobile for easy relocation. Be on the lookout for Citytrees in your nearest metropolis soon!

3. Vertical Farms

As the population continues to grow, so to will world’s need for food. There may be a solution to this growing demand in vertical farming. This is where skyscraper like farms are set up within a city.

These farms would produce water and artificial light for crop growth. And being indoors, there will be fewer pests and diseases to worry about. And thinking green, they can rely on natural energy sources to function.

These vertical farms will be more effective than traditional farming. They will support local jobs and will provide fresh produce for the surrounding areas.

Green Technology Solutions

Green technology solutions will be changing city life for the better. Pretty soon you’ll be drinking out of biodegradable cups and eating produce from a verticle farm while sitting next to an artificial tree.

Major cities create large problems when it comes to food, energy, and environmental needs, and these solutions aren’t widespread just yet. There are plenty of green solutions on the Horizon. Be sure to support them whenever you get the chance.

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