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Chandler james
Chandler James Founder

Electrical Apparatus and Machine Company has been in business for more than four decades. Founded in 1974 by Chandler James and sons, Alan and Doug James, the company was once a motor rewind shop. Between 1974 and 1978 the crew developed the now successful rotor rebarring process. Before starting Electrical Apparatus, Chandler James was a member of management at Southern Electric and other major motor repair companies across the US. Eventually, the company moved to a larger facility and still occupies the machine shop on W. Palmer Street in Charlotte, North Carolina today. The entire machine shop at Electrical Apparatus is dedicated to excellence in rotor repair, so you can be sure your rotor is in good hands with us. For over 40 years, we have become a leader in rotor repair. Tens of thousands of our rebarred rotors are still doing the job all over the world.

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The Electrical Apparatus vision is to be the premier repair shop and manufacturer of AC Electric Rotors and Motor Laminations for all electric motor equipment in North America.

Our mission is to provide superior service for our customers through our expert team who are dedicated to one another and to the goals of a strong business for the electric motor industry while promoting a better environment through green and recycling efforts.

Electrical Apparatus offers a number of custom services built to suit your repair needs