Broken rotor bars are a common fault with machinery and fixing them can become expensive if you don’t keep on top of repairs.

It’s best to spot problems early so you can fix them before repairs become too costly.

Broken rotor bars really become an issue when there are several of them. The motor won’t be able to build accelerating torque so it may not even start.

The broken bars also lead to deterioration elsewhere that can lead to expensive repairs of the entire motor core.

Read on to discover the top 3 causes of broken rods and how you can fix them.

1) Natural Degradation

Motors rely on movement in order to work. All of that movement leads to friction within the components.

That causes natural wear and tear in the different elements. With enough friction, the rotor bars eventually give way.

Regular maintenance can help you stay on top of this degradation. Prolonging the lifespan of your rotor bars.

If you decide you want to get the broken bars repaired, here are 3 things to look for in a repair service provider.

2) High Temperatures During Use

Metal expands thanks to the laws of thermodynamics. Copper expands faster than steel.

The rods grow in width and length. Copper rods can grow 1/16 of an inch longer, more than steel laminations.

The extra length causes the bars to move around. That additional movement puts stress on the bars, which can lead to cracks.

The crack in a bar increases its resistance. That means it heats up more which makes the crack worse.

Any movement and expansion in cracked rods can lead to breakages when the stress becomes too much.

3) Cracks in Adjacent Bars

Following from the previous point, breaking one bar often leads to breaking another.

The current reduces in the broken bar. That increases the current in the rotor bars on either side.

The rotor can overheat in these areas because of the change in current and heating. That leads the rotor to warp, creating a much bigger problem for you.

The torque caused in the rotor can lead to premature wear in the bearings, creating other problems in the motor.

How Can You Fix Broken Rotor Bars?

It’s easier to get trained professionals to repair your bars instead of trying to do yourself.

Too many things can go wrong with in-house repairs. Repairing them incorrectly can lead to further problems in future that cost more to fix.

Perform regular tests to ensure you don’t have broken bars. Be vigilant for sparking or worn bearings, which can indicate problems.

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