Serious issues like climate change plague society. That’s why it’s essential that the leaders of industry are searching for the best electric car technology.

The electrical machines these companies deal with are highly complex, and changing by the minute. Check out this list of the top 15 companies dominating electric car technology right now

1. Audi

Audi is looking to innovate in the field of EV technology. In fact, a recent patent from Audi allows their electric hybrids to navigate the most efficient route for their electric motors.

2. Google

Some may be surprised by the number of tech companies grabbing patents for the automobile industry, but anyone who knows the industry isn’t. Companies like Google are ready to compete in the field of self-driving technology.

3. Daimler

This company is most famous for their luxury Mercedes Benz line. For Daimler, it’s all about combining fuel efficiency and eco-friendly designs with luxury.

4. Microsoft

Like Google, Microsoft wants to be able to compete in the market. They haven’t limited themselves to self-driving technology but has also grabbed patents for mobility services and green car technology.

5. Uber

Uber is not entirely disconnected from the automobile industry. Although they haven’t focused on green car technology patents, they are filing for things in mobility services and self-driving technology.

6. Amazon

Amazon might be the most unexpected tech company on this list. Yet, if you consider their platform, it makes sense. They haven’t made a grab for green vehicle technology, but their patents in mobility services and self-driving technology are substantial.

7. BMW

Like Daimler, BMW has to combine eco-friendly design with luxury to remain relevant in the industry. This is why they’ve filed for a large share of patents in green car technology between 2012 and 2016.

8. Facebook

Of course, Facebook is not ready to be left behind in the race for EV technology patents. They’ve not only filed some patents in connected and self-driving technology but it mobility services as well.

9. Apple

With daunting competitors like Google and Microsoft, Apple has to fight to stay relevant. Their share of connected and self-driving patents is less than Google and Amazon, but they’re still in the race.

10. Ford

With a company that’s been around this long, it’s important to innovate. In fact, Ford is leading the EV category with 459 patents.

11. Honda

While Ford holds a larger percentage of patents, Honda is still hanging onto 10%. What matters more than the amount is the value of the patents themselves.

12. General Motors

GM has a huge share of the patents in connected and self-driving technology. They may not have any mobility service patents, but they haven’t forgotten about green car technology.

13. Hyundai

Although U.S. automakers lead the industry in terms of the number of EV patents, Asian companies should not be forgotten. Hyundai holds a few for things like EV battery management systems.

14. Hitachi

Like Hyundai, Hitachi also holds a few EV patents. They too hold them in areas like EV battery systems.

15. Toyota

Of course, Toyota is innovating as well. They even have a patent that may allow pedal charging from within an EV.

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