What is the main product which your company produces?

We specialize in the full repair of A/C induction squirrel cage rotors and there components subcontracted by electrical motor repair facilities at large.

If I have a cast aluminum or magnesium alloy constructed rotor can and should it be rebuilt with a copper alloy?

Nearly all rotors can be rebuilt with copper alloy parts even when other alloys were used originally and will still maintaining the original electrical and cooling characteristics of the rotor in most cases.

Do you rebuild rotors with aluminum alloy construction?

In cases when a rotor must be built with aluminum alloy parts we will quote the job as well.

Can you fabricate select parts for a rotor which is being repaired in my facility?

Select rotor parts can be fabricated for customers upon request.

Do you only focus on A/C squirrel cage rotor repair?

Yes we do ! EAM has been the longest running exclusive rotor repair shop of its kind in North America and beyond.

Is your schedule for repair work subject to any change once begun?

In some special cases the repair schedule may be altered due to complications during repair process. Administration will keep customer updated on the specifics of his job. Our technical staff have seen about every type rotor in existence that helps keep the variables that are inherent during any repair process down to a minimum.

When repair work is done who pays the shipping cost when shipped to and from your facility?

Because of the large spread of our clients the customer pays shipping costs in most cases. We would be glad to help set up shipping for your rotor to and from our facility if you request!

How should I send the rotor when I originally ship it to your facility?

Rotors because of there shape should be packaged with extra care to ensure no damage during shipping. A heavy box that’s reinforced is the best solution depending on size. If a pallet is used it should be as long as the rotor and if the shaft is exposed then extra covering should be used as on percision surfaces.

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