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The world of motors has come a long way since 1794 when the first patent was filed for an internal combustion engine. With the rate at which technology is advancing it is also safe to say that there is a lot more to come within this field also. 

Engines and motors are constantly adapting to use the newest technologies. Technology designed to make them faster, stronger, lighter and more efficient. Where will this lead, who knows, but we can look at current trends in engine technology to see what is coming up around the next bend. 

Keep reading to learn three ways new energy technology is going to change traditional motors. 

1. In Wheel Electric Motors

What if your car didn’t need a big engine under the hood? Is it still necessary in today’s modern world? The answer could soon be no. One of the boldest new energy technologies that are on the horizon is in-wheel electric motors. 

Just imagine if you could replace that big bulky, heavy engine with two small engines located in your wheels. They can do everything your current motor can do, but they are smaller, lighter and thus make your care more efficient. 

Electric car tech is one of the most exciting components of today’s motor industry. 

2. Diesel Cylinder Shut Off

The cylinder shut off is something that has been in petrol burning engines for a while now, but diesel engines are something else. They are already efficient right. 

Well, what if they could become even more so. A relatively straight forward piece of new engine technology could see shut-off capabilities coming to diesel engines helping to make them even more efficient when cruising around at lower speeds. 

3. Dynamic Multiphasic Combustion Engine

Imagine an engine that can take multiple combustion systems and combine them into a single engine.

Through the use of both primary and secondary chambers, we could soon see an engine on the market that has direct, port and full throttle injection systems. This could then, in turn, see the further incorporation of blended fuels into general circulation. 

Who Knows Where Energy Technology Will Take Us?

Technology moves at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up with it. There are so many more things we can do now than we could even a decade ago, and with progress only picking up speed enhancements in energy technology are going to come thick and fast. 

This also means that the world around engines and engineering is going to changes. Services offered and maintenance requirements will grow and adapt to suit the new technology-driven marketplace. 

Repairs are never fun, but they are necessary. Are you in need of some electric rotor repair work? Then we are here for you. Get in touch today, and we can see what we can do to get your rotors back into full working order. 

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