Various kinds of electrical equipment rely on parts made from laminated steel. Their specialized magnetic properties are needed to make electrical machines run. You can find them in generators, transformers, industrial equipment and larger appliances.

A few examples of parts made from Steel Laminations:
– rotors & stators for electrical motors
– transformer cores
– armature components
– magnetic cores

Steel laminations are made from several layers of thin electrical or silicon steel that are laminated together and machined into the shape required. Traditional methods produce these parts through stamping or wire erosion. The problem with these older methods is the need to re-tool before it can produce a different part. This adds to lead time and production costs.

Laser cut steel laminations can be produced faster and cost cheaper since re-tooling is unnecessary. You get more competitive prices and shorter delivery time. This is a huge advantage for motor shops that cannot afford long down times.

Steel Laminations produced by laser cutting are cleaner, burr-free and usually has no damage to the lamination’s coating and insulation. Laser cut stators and rotors are all cut precisely to specifications and don’t need much post-fabrication work. They generally arrive ready to use by machine and motors shops.

Laser cutting doesn’t impact the special qualities of electrical steel. The magnetic properties needed for the equipment to work properly are preserved. It’s an excellent alternative to stamping or punching and reduces the risk of the laminations getting delaminated due to excessive force.

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