Laser cutting machines, as the name suggests, use high-powered lasers to cut materials for industrial applications. A computer controls the direction and power of the laser. This enables it to do precise automatic cutting.

They are fast becoming the most preferred cutting service when speed, precision and labor efficiency is needed. They have shortened the path from conceptualization to design; from final prototype to mass production.

Laser cutting machines have the following advantages over traditional cutting technology:
• Extremely precise cutting accuracy enabled by a computerized numerical control system.
• Has the ability to cut very fine curvatures and consistently produce clean cut edges.
• Laser cutting process avoids burr formation and reduces contamination. This minimizes post fabrication work which reduces customer’s manufacturing costs.
• Low thermal influence which makes it well suited for cutting laminated materials.
• Avoids deformation of material due to contact-less cutting process.
• Is able to cut materials of varying thickness in one operation.
• Has the ability to cut smaller holes in sheet metal with good edge quality and detail.
• No need to preserve space for cutting channels when cutting certain materials
• Laser beam won’t wear out during the cutting process.
• Various complex shapes can be cut without the need for re-tooling. This cuts turn-around and lead time.

Laser cutters can be used to cut parts for use in construction, signage creation, and even art pieces. Materials can be easily cut to a customer’s desired specification. The resulting output is superior to what plasma and mechanical cutters produce.

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