According to Forbes, over half a million small businesses get started every single month. What that means is that now more than ever, people are looking to take on the risk of being a business owner in purist of the flexibility and rewards doing so offers.

Another thing to take away from the massive amount of businesses cropping up each month is competition.

Our team at Electrical Apparatus believe business’ ability to leverage technology can give them the upper hand in today’s impacted marketplace. To that end, here are a few of the must have tech gadgets every small business owner should consider adding to their arsenal.

1) A Business Dedicated Laptop

It used to be that business owners would invest in stationary desktops they’d have installed in their offices.

Gone are those days.

Now laptops rule the business productivity landscape and for a few excellent reasons. One of the main ones is that laptops give you the flexibility to take your company with you wherever you go. This is important if you want to be able to work while on the road or need to pitch clients on location.

2) A Portable Point of Sale Solution

Selling at trade shows or other special events was formally difficult. You’d either have to get saddled with bulky card readers or go “cash only” which alienated massive amounts of consumers.

Then, portable point of sale systems came on the scene from companies like Square, PayPal and more. These POS devices are mobile card readers that plug into your phone or tablet.

Adding one of these to your business arsenal can increase the flexibility in which you can engage customers and make sales. Just be sure to stay mindful of transaction fees which vary from POS to POS.

3) A Reliable Mobile Internet Solution

Your ability to take your business on the go is only as good as your ability to connect to the internet remotely. To achieve that end, most people will look to use their cellphone’s internet by either working directly on their phone or tethering their 4g to their other devices.

While this can be a good solution, you need to make sure of two things:

  • Your phone’s internet is fast enough to stay productive
  • There are no data caps that will end up being costly or slow you down

If you find your cell phone’s internet plan to be inadequate for remote work, consider upgrading your plan.

Alternatively, you can invest in a dedicated internet solution like the Netgear’s Nighthawk M1 router. This device will get you up and running remotely, reliably, and quickly. The device’s associated costs may be prohibitive for some though.

Wrapping Up Must Have Tech Gadgets

The devices listed above just scratch the surface of what must have tech gadgets small businesses should consider investing in. Also look for a high-quality portable printer, a mobile power bank, and even a tablet if necessary.

In closing, when shopping for tech, make sure before buying you can see how it will really move the needle for your company. There’s nothing worse than spending large portions of your cash flow on tech that’s not an investment in your future.

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