Are you thinking about buying an electric car? Maybe you’re bummed you missed out on the government tax break they gave out until 2016 to encourage more electric vehicles on the road.

Driving an electric vehicle is still worth your time, tax break or not. They’re great, but not perfect. Nothing is!

To show you both sides, we’re exploring the pros and cons of electric cars below.

Pro: They’re Energy Efficient

There are two main types of people that buy electric vehicles. Some buy them solely because they want to make the best choice for the environment.

Others buy them for that reason and for their owner benefits. Electric cars may cost more up front, but they don’t use gas – or they use much less. This saves the owner money over time.

If they do use gas, they use it more efficiently and as a mix with their battery power. The AEV batteries in electric vehicles convert energy at 59-62% while regular cars do 20%.

It’s a big difference.

Con: Need Constant Refueling

IF you have an all-electric car that doesn’t take gasoline, you’ll need to charge it often. This means you won’t be taking your electric car on long road trips with the family.

Unless you’ve set up for charging stations along the way.

Many people ask themselves if the electric charging is going to shoot up their electric bill. You may notice a change, but it’s nothing like filling up a greedy gas tank once a week.

Pro: Reduced Emissions

Both types of electric car buying people love this aspect. An electric car doesn’t put out the toxins that come from an engine burning gasoline.

That means a smaller carbon footprint and less CO2 released into the atmosphere.

That cuts down on one of the biggest sources of pollution in the United States and most of the developed world.

Con: Touchy Batteries

Think about something in your house that has both a USB port and batteries. Since it can use both sources of energy, you don’t have to replace the batteries as often.

Your electric car only uses its battery – so it burns out more quickly than a car that runs on battery and gas.

Replacing your electric car batteries is expensive and creates waste. You can recycle car batteries, but they’re still releasing acid and harmful ingredients into landfills.

You’ll have to spend money getting new batteries, which can drive up the cost of maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars: Deciding

If you want to buy an electric car which type of person are you? If you’re in it for the atmosphere only – good on you.

If you’re in it for the atmosphere and the cost reduction, that’s great too. Now that you know the pros and cons of electric cars, you can decide if one is right for you.

Keep in mind every electric car model has its own strengths and weaknesses, and not everyone can afford a Tesla.

If you do buy one, come see us when it’s time for maintenance. We’re proud to serve you!

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