Energy sources that hurt the environment are starting to become a thing of the past. Now, people are looking to solar solutions to provide a way forward in the world of clean energy.

Although solar is gaining in popularity, it’s still a little misunderstood. Many businesses think that going solar is going to be cost-prohibitive, or they don’t know how to change their energy consumption.

Finding a way to be environmentally friendly might be easier than you think. Read on for some solar methods that will both help you go green and save.

Solar Solutions Can Work With Your Budget

First, let’s talk cost. After all, that’s usually the number one question on the mind of a business owner.

The most important thing to know is that solar energy can actually save you money. In fact, your energy costs could go down as much as 75%. Over the years, that means switching to solar more than pays for itself.

Solar equipment also comes with long warranties, so in the unlikely event that something malfunctions, you’ll know you’re covered. Most businesses have solar panels or other solutions designed to last for twenty-five to thirty-five years — and for that majority of that time, the panels pay for themselves.

So what are some ways that you can incorporate solar power into your business?

Solar Roof Mount

Sleek solar panels are easily the most recognizable form of solar power. When people think of solar power, they usually think of those black panels that you see on the roof of a home or business.

Cost-wise, this is the best option for most small businesses. Roof mounts are usually cheaper to install and super cost-effective in the long run. They’re also a good option if your business isn’t spread out across multiple buildings.

Solar Ground Mount

Have you ever passed by a field that seems to be empty, before realizing that there are rows of black panels right in the middle?

You may have passed a collection of ground-mounted solar panels, generating incredible amounts of energy for a nearby business or farm.

Ground-mounted solar power systems are usually a lot larger, used to power huge corporations like GM or Verizon. They’re ideal for manufacturing plants that require a lot of energy, or just a business operation that covers a lot of square feet.

Go Portable

Solar solutions aren’t just limited to buildings. Depending on the needs of your business, you can even set up solar power to provide a longer battery life. Solar panels have been installed on top of large eighteen-wheelers to power things like lift-gates, refrigeration units, and in-cab power for the driver.

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