In today’s world, it’s important to know that you’re getting the value that you pay for. The last thing you want to do, especially when getting a valuable piece of equipment repaired, is to wind up with a less qualified service provider.

Do you think you may need your rotor repaired? Here are four key things to look for in electric rotor repair services to ensure you’re getting the reliable service you deserve.

Repair Methodology

Rotor repairs are most often required because of cracks or breaks in the bars. Depending on the future use of the machine, there are several different repair methods that can be used.

End of life machines may require brazing to make some temporary fixes until the machine dies. For a motor that has several years ahead of it, providers should be able to replace the bars, and in some cases, reshape them for the motor to work properly.

Check with your service provider on which methodology they would recommend based on the life of your rotor.

Endring Welding Process

Motor performance can be severely impacted when squirrel cage rotor bars are not properly welded to endrings. These connections should be thoroughly checked as part of your service provider’s electric rotor repair process. Keep in mind for cast-in-place rotor bars, it can be difficult to effectively reweld them.

It’s also important that should there be a disconnect between the rotor and the end rings, that the provider uses a specialized welding process to ensure that the rotor and end rings are permanently well-connected.

Dynamic Rotor Balancing

Dynamic balancing is a critical piece of the electric rotor repair process. This process ensures that the rotor won’t vibrate. Unbalanced rotors can lead to catastrophic failure.

Mass balancing is important to reduce noise levels, ensure a longer life for the bearings, provide additional comfort to the machine operator, and provides a quality feel.

Check with a service provider to see how accurately they can balance the rotor – you’re looking for .1mils.

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