If you run an electric motor repair shop, you’ve probably looked at various laminations options.

With so many choices out there, it’s important to know the options inside out. This is the only way to get your lamination right.

In the huge electrical steel coatings market, there are plenty of options, but could laser lamination be right for you?

Maybe you’ve considered, water, plasma, or other types of lamination. However, laser lamination can make a world of difference in the quality of your work compared to mechanical methods. It may even be more inexpensive than you might think.

Want to know what the benefits of laser cut laminations are? Keep reading to find out.

1. Control Dimensions and Thickness

Laser cut laminations are known for their accuracy. Since they’re controlled by a computer, they are both precise and save a considerable amount of time.

If you need complex shapes, laser also comes out ahead for its ability to make precision cuts. It’s is a versatile tool that can do anything from simple to the most complicated shapes.

What’s more, virtually any thickness can be cut, from a few millimeters to the thickest size.

2. The Risk of Contamination and Damage Is Reduced

When using a laser to cut, there is no direct contact between cutting tools and the workpiece. Unlike other methods, there’s a lower risk of contaminating material when cutting a section.

Additionally, because the area that is being heated is so small, there’s less risk of material deformation.

3. A Wide Range of Materials Can Be Cut

Do you work with a variety of materials? Then laser cutting is the best option for you.

Everything from plastic to rubber and the most common metals can be cut using this method. Again, the versatility of laser means it’s good for just about any job you can think of.

4. Exact Replicas Can Be Made with Laser

When exact copies of design replicas are required, only a laser can give the right measurements. It’s virtually impossible using mechanical methods to get an original design duplicated correctly.

For components where you need an exact match, choose laser.

5. Laser Cuts Are Burr-Free

The formation of burrs during machining is a significant problem when manufacturing components. They pose a risk for the component to break down if left behind. This is especially true if the burrs become loose.

During the cutting process, a laser beam won’t wear out like traditional cutting methods. The precise nature of laser ensures that you’ll never have to worry about burrs again.

Choosing the Right Laminations Provider

Hopefully, now you have the tools to decide if the quick and precise nature of a laser is right for you. A well-equipped electrical motor expert is key to getting your laminations done right.

We have over 30 years experience in the rotor business and can offer you fast and expert service. Get a quote from us today to see if we can help you and your shop with all your lamination needs.

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