Alternative forms of energy, like commercial solar panels, have increased in popularity. From 2015 to 2016 alone, the number of solar panel installations doubled. But as a business owner, how viable are solar panels for your organization?

Are they right for your company now? Or, should you wait before making this type of investment? Read on to find out more about how to use solar energy and when.

Consider Your Finances

Yes, solar energy is great for the environment. But it’s also a solid financial investment with a guaranteed return. So, the best place to start when considering alternative energy investment is with your bottom line.

What do the numbers say? According to EnergySage marketplace data, “the average commercial property owner paid $1,950 in monthly electricity bills before going solar. After their installation, their electricity bill was reduced to approximately $500–a 75% reduction.”

Invest in Your Property

Installing solar panels is a smart financial decision for small to mid-sized businesses. And the best part? The moment your system is installed, you’ll start to see a reduction in energy costs.

But it’s worth exploring the other uses of solar power, too. Solar panels represent a significant upgrade to your commercial property.

They’re affordable, durable, and safe. And they require few repairs, making them an important investment. A quality solar panel upgrade will increase your property values over time.

Impress Customers

Today, customers seek out companies who share their values and principles. Do your customers value corporate responsibility? Sustainability?

If so, installing a solar energy system demonstrates that you share your customers’ values. And it shows that you’re willing to act on your principles.

Switching to commercial solar panels will attract attention from like-minded suppliers, too. Your company’s public persona will grow in strength and value as you put your values where your money is.

Invest in the Future

Many scientists believe that the repercussions of climate change could be devastating. It’s up to every company on this planet to act on behalf of the Earth before it’s too late. The great thing about solar panels?

They allow you to look out for the best interests of your company and the planet at the same time. What’s more, the sun remains our most sustainable resource. According to Nathan Chandler, “In a single day, the amount of sunlight hitting the United States is more than 2,500 times the entire country’s daily energy usage.”

Invest in sustainability to reap the longterm benefits of a healthier, happier planet. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint while reducing your energy bills. And you’ll help ensure a better future for your children and grandchildren.

Commercial Solar Panels

What’s the best way to invest in your company and commercial property? Learn how to use solar energy to improve your company’s public persona and lower electrical bills. What’s more, alternative energy sources will put you on the fast track to corporate responsibility.

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